Will Warzone 2 Include a Console FOV Slider?

Will Warzone 2 have an FOV slider on console? Despite being one of the most popular games for the last few years, with millions of players, constant updates, and the constant integration of new Call of Duty titles into its meta, this missing feature has become a sticking point for players.

Part of the trouble is that console players have been unable to change their FOV for years, but players on PC have had the ability change their FOV since the beginning of Warzone. The FOV slider allows players to increase or decrease their field of view. This gives PC players an unfair advantage when playing against console players, as they can see players first on their screen. Even more frustrating for console players is Call of Duty installments released after Modern Warfare and Warzone have included console FOV sliders, but the feature has not been added to Warzone.

There has been no official confirmation that Warzone 2 will have an FOV slider on console. Activision and Infinity Ward recently released gameplay for Modern Warfare 2 and an October release date, but gave little information about what customization options will be in the next Warzone installment.

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