Warzone Sept. 23 Update Buffs Krig 6, Nerfs Gallo

Call of Duty

Warzone’s Sept. 23 update brings important weapon balance changes to the game. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Sept. 23 update is the latest to adjust the game’s balance, this time by nerfing the Bullfrog and Gallo while buffing the Krig 6. The update also brings changes to the Iron Trials mode.

The Bullfrog had its ADS speed decreased by 9%, its movement speed decreased by 1% and its ADS movement speed decreased by 2%. The nerf to ADS speed is the most significant attempt to bring the weapon in line with its competitors in the SMG category, as will a bug fix for excessive recoil reduction tied to the Bullfrog.

The Gallo, also known as the Shotgun Bravo, had its maximum damage range decreased from 4.5 meters to 3.5 meters, its second damage range decreased from 8.1 to 5.5 meters, and its third damage range decreased from 13.2 to 9.9 meters. Development studio Raven Software says these changes will make it feel “more like a Shotgun and less like a Sniper.”

Meanwhile, the Krig 6 received buffs to its recoil management attachments.

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