Warzone Pros Expose Pay-to-Win Bullfrog Blueprint Explained

Call of Duty

Photo by Activision

In the latest Warzone news, a controversial Bullfrog Blueprint has been the center of attention as it comes with a strange audio bug that makes it very overpowered.

The new Bullfrog Blueprint when shot, makes the opposing player hear shots all around them no matter where the Bullfrog is actually being shot from.

In the clip, ZLaner brings DrDisrespect into a corner away from TimTheTatman. Tim proceeds to shoot the bugged Bullfrog. After hearing the gun shoot, ZLaner responded to Doc by saying, “it sounds like it’s all around you.”

When an item inside a video game gives a player an advantage, it is completely fine if that player earned it. The controversy comes when that advantage is something that can only be bought in the store and not earned.

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