Warzone Pacific Stim Super Slide Has Insane Movement Potential

Call of Duty

Image courtesy of Activision

With the launch of Warzone Pacific Season 1, one of the more underrated changes Raven Software and co. have made has been the buff to Stims, which is allowing players to pull off a new, reality-bending super slide.

Of course, Call of Duty is nowhere near seen as, nor aiming to be, the most realistic first-person shooter in the industry. However, with the rise of the new Stim super slide, perhaps the balance between simulation and fun has gone too far off the deep end.

With Season 1 of the Warzone Pacific era, among the changes to loadout drops and field upgrades, stims were buffed so that they would additionally apply a “3-second boost that increases movement, slide, and sprint speed.”

In their patch notes, Raven added that this was one of the changes they made in order to “provide Players with a range of viable Tactical Equipment to choose from, rather than feeling disadvantaged for exploring outside of the commonly accepted choices – notably Stuns, Heartbeat Sensor, and Flash Grenades.”

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