Warzone Meta Changes Make New Weapons ‘Incredibly Difficult’ for Casuals

The latest batch of buffs and nerfs in Call of Duty (COD): Warzone has some players up in arms — and not for the reason you’d think.

In a post on the official CODWarzone subreddit, user danielhollenbeck13 voiced their frustration over the effects of the rotating meta. According to them, it makes “new guns makes the game incredibly difficult for casual players, regardless of skill level.”

The user explained that their normal job has kept them from being able to devote the same amount of time to the game as other players — especially in the winter and summer, when many have a break from real-world obligations. This has kept them from leveling certain guns and made one-half of the game more challenging.

”I’ve been playing for the first time since April today and early game I’m shredding. Even have 6 kills before loadout comes in. But the second loadout drops, I’m wildly outgunned.” They wrote.

Others seem to agree, confirming that danielhollenbeck13 is not the first person to write about this issue. Replies pointed out that this may be part of an existing strategy on Activision’s part to funnel players toward a specific part of the franchise.

Meanwhile, several comments argued the opposite. One suggested that the amount of time necessary to grind up weapons was actually “reasonable” when done correctly. Another claimed that the meta was actually far more open than players gave it credit for and that multiple weapons were viable.

Unfortunately, it appears players will simply need to be content with slower progress depending on their ability to devote time to the game for now.

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