Warzone Dev States Raven Software Working on ‘Making Under Represented Weapons Viable’

Raven Software Senior Game Designer Tully Ackland responded to an article about how balanced the close-range meta has become, making multiple SMGs viable.

This gives freedom to the players and allows them to be creative with their favorite weapon. And based on the tweet, it’s not going to stop with the SMGs, “You love to see it. The team is working hard to try and replicate this across the other classes along with making under represented weapons viable (e.g we want to bring more identity and viability to LMGs) -lots to do!”

It’s no secret the key to Warzone combat is mobility and close-range fights, You’ll get into scraps at range, but if you want to win a Warzone match, you’re going to have to dominate up close. And that leaves LMGs behind. The weapons struggle to compete with the SMGs, and can’t handle distance.

That should change soon! It may have to wait until the next iteration of Warzone or we could see it in an upcoming patch. But whatever the case, Raven Software wants to make sure every class of weapons in Warzone are as competitive as the SMGs.

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