Three-shot DMR Loadout Signals Return of DMR Meta in CoD: Warzone

Call of Duty

DMR 14 / Photo courtesy of Ralston Dacanay, Activision

The DMR tactical rifle was one of the top meta weapons in Warzone during the latter half of 2020. Combined with the Mac-10, many Warzone players could be found running around Verdansk with very similar loadouts featuring the rifle.

Warzone players clearly remember the DMR, and now on TikTok, a new loadout is trending featuring the rifle. User ttvzyro on TikTok shared the loadout on TikTok, which has received over 900,000 views, that shows them putting down enemies with full armor in three to five shots. The DMR looks precise and overpowered, and could signal the return of the DMR meta in Caldera.

Here’s how to build the DMR loadout that is trending on TikTok, nicknamed the “three-shot DMR:”

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