squid game series weapon loadouts in warzone

Experience the popular and popular series of squid games in Call of Duty Warzone.

The MP5 and Magnum weapons loadout can be classified in Call of duty warzone, as they were in the squid game series.

MP5 & Magnum Squid Game Warzone Loadouts

We have designed the exact classification of the weapons of this series for you in Call of Duty warzone, and you can use these two weapons and challenge yourself in Verdansk Square.

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Barrel Compensator
Laser Tac Laser
Grip Stippled Grip Tape
Perk Sleight of Hand


Optic Microflex Sight
Barrel 7.2″ Task Force
Body SWAT 5Mw Laser Sight
Magazine Vandal Speed Loader

Many players, after watching this series, change the settings of their MP5 weapon in this way to look much more special.


The atmosphere and excitement of this series has been so great that some of warzone players are playing green light, red light, so I suggest you watch this very funny video.

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What are the weapons of the squid game series?

Magnum and MP5 are the main weapons of this series

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