Raven Software Fixes Warzone Buy Station Bug and Verdansk Loot Spawns

Call of Duty

Photo courtesy of Raven Software

Raven Software released a rather small update on Monday, helping with the Buy Station bug, floor loot, and contract bugs. These were bugs that started around the Nov. 3 update. As with most bug fixes, you can find them on the Trello board.

There were three main focuses in the patch notes:

The Buy Stations were not appearing on the map, making it difficult for players to find them. And in the current meta of Warzone, Buy Stations are incredibly important. Players need to be able to revive teammates and buy loadouts. Most players land near a location with certain Buy Stations, so they know where to go exactly. Verdansk was also struggling with floor loot and only finding certain types of weapons.

When the Caldera map arrives, expect most players to jump back in Call of Duty after Apex Legends saw a rise in popularity recently.

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