How to unlock Samurai’s Creed Bundle

Another new Japanese character has been added to the Call of duty Warzone game.

Samurai’s Creed Bundle includes an interesting Japanese operator and two gun skins.
Finisher and red set The rest of the items in this bundle are very good.


Kitsune Samurai’s Creed Bundle Items

The skins of the weapons of this bundle include Stoner 63 & Magnum Blueprints

Kitsune Samurai’s Creed Bundle items
battel oni Operator
sensei weapon
Deshi weapon
double douse charm
time of death watch
tortured finishing move
split mask Emblem
Koi sticker


Honor those who come before you with the Samurai’s creed bundle


You can buy this bundle for 1600CP at the Cod Warzone Store

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