How to Unlock Donnie Darko Bundle in warzone

On the occasion of Halloween, Call of Duty warzone added a Halloween-themed content to the game last year.
Donnie Darko Bundle is one of the scary skins of this game that you can get on Halloween event. After adding the ghost face bundle, now is the turn of this scary skin.

Donnie Darko bundle price and contents

This scary rabbit (Donnie Darko) with three skin beautiful weapons can be bought in Bundle Donnie Darko and scare everyone in Verdansk.

The price of this bundle, which was released in the sixth season of Call of Duty warzone games, is  2,400 Cp.

Donnie Darko Bundle items
Donnie Darko Bundle items


Frank the Rabbit Operator Skin
Costume Party Legendary Weapon
Fear Monger Legendary Weapon
Wake Up Call Legendary Weapon
Jet Engine Epic Charm
Time Lapse Epic Watch
Sky is Falling Finishing Move
Quite Frank Emblem
Projected Vision Calling Card
Double XP Token Legendary Consumable



The countdown until the end of the world has begun with the Tracer Pack: Donnie Darko Bundle. Note: this Bundle features Blueprints with Purple Electric Tracer Fire, Electric Dismemberment, and Electric Elemental Damage in Zombies Mode.

How to Get Donnie Darko bundle?

There are two different ways to buy a bundle, either you can buy CP from the Amazon store or get this bundle through free Earn to get CP.

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