How to get Split Personality bundle

If you want to get two operators in one bundle, be sure to buy Split Personality bundle.
By preparing this bundle, you can prepare two operators and a sickle and hammer weapon in Call of Duty Warzone . Split Personality was added to the store after the Halloween event and the Ghost of war bundle.

You will also receive a skip tire with the Split Personality bundle. The price of this bundle is 1,800 Cp, which you can get through Amazon.

Split Personality bundle Items

Split Personality bundle Items

We have prepared a list of all the items in Split Personality bundle for you.

Agony & Ecstasy Weapon
Crusher Operator Skin
Slasher Operator
Ninth Hour Watch
Hook & Hinder Finishing Move
Teabag Gestures
Double Trouble Emblem
Fit of Rage Calling Card
1 Tier Skip Battle Pass


Introducing the first Legendary Blueprint for the Hammer & Sickle. Split some hairs and some heads with two versions of Antonov with the Split Personality Bundle.


You can get this bundle for 1,800 Cp at the Call of Duty Warzone store

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