How to Get Necro Queen bundle in COD:warzone

This time a crazy queen is present in the game Call of Duty Warzone. The new bundle called Necro Queen bundle is one of the strangest and scariest bundles in Cod.

Nekro’s face contains thousands of images and the character’s clothes change automatically.

Necro Queen bundle contains three beautiful weapons ( AK-47, LC10 and CARV.2 ) that you can use in Verdansk Square or Rebirth Island.

Attractive items of this bundle include the following

Necro Queen bundle warzone items
Necro Queen bundle items in shop
  • Necro Queen: Operator
  • Void Monster: Weapon
  • Void Demon: Weapon
  • Void Ghoul: Weapon
  • Hack Saw :Charm
  • Stolen Time : Watch
  • Crawling Zombie : Finishing Move
  • Book of the Void : Emblem
  • Interconnected : Calling Card
  • Double XP Token : Consumable

Price: 2400 CP


Description: Bring the dead to life and siphon the souls of the living with the Tracer Pack: Necro Queen Reactive Mastercraft Ultra Bundle. Note: this Bundle features an Ultra Operator Skin for Portnova, a Zombie Crawler Companion Finishing Move, and Blueprints with Orange & Purple Tracer Fire.

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