How to get Lazar Operator Bundle in warzone & cold war

Third-season bundles for Warzone aren’t just for Vanguard; Activision is also releasing a Cold War update.

As well as Godzilla and King Kong bundles, the Lazar Operator Bundle has been added to the Call of Duty store.
Lazar Operator Bundle was released on May 6 and is priced at 2,400 CP.

Lazar Operator Bundle  Items in warzone


With this bundle, you can own attractive items.

Lazar Operator Bundle  for Call Of Duty warzone and Black Ops Cold War

  • The Broker Lazar -Skin
  • Dealmaker -Submachine Gun
  • Dealbreaker -Assault Rifle Charlie
  • Unlikely Volunteer -Finishing Move
  • Standard Issue – Accessory Watch
  • Skeleton Fish -Charm
  • Swamp Beast -Calling Card
  • Bog Demon -Emblem
  • Fixer -Reticle
  • Refresher -Gesture

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