How to Get Cdl Midseason Pack Warzone

In Call of Duty Warzone, the Cdl Midseason Pack will be released in the third season of Vanguard Season 3.
It includes several special accessories and attractive stickers.

You can use this bundle in leagues and sports competitions and have a coordinated team.

Cdl Midseason Pack items

Bundle price is not paid with CP, but with real money in the game.
You can purchase this bundle for $ 9.99 at warzone or Vanguard stores.

the boss Roland Skin
Heartbreaker AR
kiss of death calling card
Aced calling card
taking out the trash emblem
love massacre emblem
Atlanta faze simp stricker
Atlanta faze prestinni stricker
Atlanta faze cellium stricker
Atlanta faze arcitys stricker

This bundle will be released in Warzone store along with Godzilla and King Kong bundles, which you can buy.

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