Best M1 Garand Weapon Loadout Warzone Pacific Season 1

Call of Duty

The M1 Garand has remained a Call of Duty mainstay for a reason. / Photo courtesy of Activision

The best M1 Garand weapon loadout for Warzone Pacific Season 1 will always, ultimately, come down to a matter of opinion. Although it’s theoretically possible to map out every single permutation of stats and circumstances that can affect the effectiveness of a loadout, the amount of calculation required is prohibitive. In lieu of an objective best loadout, here’s what we see as the best loadout possible for today’s Warzone meta.

The M1 Garand is a longtime staple of the Call of Duty series thanks to its ubiquity in the series’ early World War 2-era games. It remains an accurate and versatile mainstay that, although it hardly dominates the meta game, can be relied upon to put in work.

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