Best FPS Settings for Call of Duty Vanguard minimum pc

Call of duty Vanguard is live for Pc, and to gain higher FPS and better experience while playing; You need to know and apply the best Vanguard Setting. There are so many options that may confuse you as to which one is better for your system. here, we prepared the best setting for Vanguard to gain the highest FPS for PCs with recommended requirements or powerful gaming PCs.

Here, you can also find the Best Vanguard Setting for weak systems and PCs close to minimum vanguard requirements.


Display Mode Fullscreen
V-Sync Off
Frame Rate Limit  Custom
Gameplay Custom Frame Rate Limit Refresh Rate
Menu Custom Frame Rate Limit  60
Minimised Game Custom Frame Rate Limit 30
Aspect Ratio Automatic
Display Gamma 2.2 (sRGB)
Display Adapter  Your graphics card
Focused Mode Off


Render Resolution 100
Texture Resolution Low
Texture Filter Anisotropic Medium
Particle Quality Level Medium
Particle Resolution Low
Bullet Impacts & Sprays Off
Shader Quality Low
Tessellation Off
Level of Detail Distance Range Short
Nearby Level Of Detail  Low
Distant Level Of Detail Low
Clutter Draw Distance Low
Volumetric Quality Level Low
Screen Space Shadows Off
Shadow Map Resolution  Low
Sun Shadow Cascades Low
Cache Sun Shadows Off
Cache Spot Shadows Off
Spot Cache Size Very Low
Spot Shadow Quality Low
Particle Lighting  Medium
Ambient Occlusion Off
GTAO Quality Low
Screen Space Reflection Off
Anti-Aliasing Disabled
Depth of Field On

Field Of View 75-85
ADS Field Of View Affected
Camera Movement Least
World Motion Blur Off
Weapon Motion Blur Off

One of the most critical factors in Online action games like Vanguard is FPS or Frame rate. As you have a higher FPS game would be smoother, and things would appear sooner for you. FPS has importance as your PING is important for you too. And this parameter has a direct connection with your hardware and even your screen. But you should know that even with powerful hardware, you need to adjust an excellent setting to gain good performance and high FPS.

So many players are using PC and other platforms, searching for ways to increase the FPS number. By trying different stuff and adjusting different settings to play smoother without lag. So here we analyze the Vanguard setting and find the best Vanguard Setting for you to gain the highest possible FPS and experience game smother For PCs that at least have recommended requirements or people with a considerable gaming PC.

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