Apex Legends Dev Explains Why a Cold-Blooded Legend Won’t be Added

Scanning, or being able to find opponents, play a major role in today’s Apex Legends meta. Many legends possess the ability to scan the area or gain information about other players. Bloodhound and Seer are two of the best legends at scanning with other legends that have similar abilities.

The most similar thing to scanning is the UAV in Call of Duty. The UAV shows the player any nearby enemies. One way to not be seen on the UAV is to equip the Ghost or Cold Blooded.

Currently, Apex Legends has no ability or item in the game that can take you off of scans. You will be seen no matter what. There have been conversations on Reddit amongst players about how they would feel about a legend that would be unaffected by scans.

Despite fans accepting this possible idea, Apex Legends Developer John “JayBiebs” Larson said that he is “Not Thrilled about the idea of an anti-scan legend,”

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