Aim Assists’ Impact on the Competitive Integrity of Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Pathfinder Concept Art for Apex Legends / Credit to Respawn/EA

When playing a game of pickup basketball between friends many of the traditional rules are ignored for the sake of fun, but when money, dinner or even just pride is on the line this sort of thinking changes. All of a sudden rules meant to ensure competitive integrity begin to appear. Time limits are introduced, the ball must be a certain size, and there are restrictions on what players can do while in possession of the ball.

In this regard, competitive video games are no different. The official rule set of Capcom’s Pro Tour for Street Fighter V, for example, is roughly 50 pages long. There are rules regulating player eligibility, custom keybindings and even what cosmetics a player is allowed to use. It’s clear that competitive integrity is valued just as highly in esports as it is in traditional sports.

However, competitive shooters such as Apex Legends have another layer of complications to consider when compared to fighting games. The variety of input methods deemed viable for shooters is much greater than that of fighting games. It’s incredibly rare for a person to play Tekken with a keyboard rather than a controller, and completely unheard of for a player to use a mouse. But the same isn’t true for the first-person shooter genre, which has utilized both input methods since the inception of home console gaming.

Many of the genre’s most popular games could be played with either a mouse and keyboard or a controller depending on what platform players had. And indeed there were major differences for players on different platforms.

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